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OLSTROJ s.r.o.
U Cukrovaru 5
783 71 Olomouc-Holice
Czech Republic

phone: +420 585 312 432
fax: +420 585 312 432
e-mail: olstroj@olstroj.cz


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Turning Conveyor Machine for Gravel with Dragline Bucket Parts of Tanks Sorting Unit Turning Conveyor
Storage Tanks for Gravel Tanks with Cement Silos Environmental Tank Staircase Gravel Tanks assembly
Transport of Tank Storage Tank for Gravel Bucket dryer Dehydrator Sorting Unit Expeditionary Transport of Round Tank
Suction Pipes Embankment with shifting to Crusher Line of Sand Tanks Bucket dryer Dehydrator Sorting delivery Unit
Floating Power Station Bucket dryer Dehydrator Storage Conveyors Dredging Boat Sorting Unit with Tanks for Gravel