About company
Production program
OLSTROJ s.r.o.
U Cukrovaru 5
783 71 Olomouc-Holice
Czech Republic

phone: +420 585 312 432
fax: +420 585 312 432
e-mail: olstroj@olstroj.cz
About company

About company

Company OLSTROJ s.r.o. is engineering enterprise. Company was established in 1998 from Machine Workshops at "Štěrkovny a pískovny Olomouc" Gravel and Sand - pit Olomouc. Is situated in the industrial zone of Olomouc, local segment Holice (see map pls.). All company premises are near from first class road leading to Přerov, Zlín and main road R35 to Ostrava, Brno. Building is very good accessible for heavy transport trucks.

Today in the company OLSTROJ s.r.o. is working approximately 25 employees, and their number dependent according purchase orders. Welders-Locksmiths graduated special training course with test of DIN Standards, TÜV for export to EU.

Structure of company

  1. Management
  2. Commercial and marketing activity
  3. Design activity
  4. Technical preparation of production
  5. Technical inspection and testing
  6. Finance and accountancy
  7. Schooling, teaching and qualifying progress of work people
  8. Transport of products by road, railways and see
  9. Technical - advisory activity

Officials, cooperating with foreign clients, communicate English and German.